Once it was the Great Silk Road linking Europe and Asia. Thousands of years here have changed rulers destroyed and re-built the city, but the land remained the same: smooth, as a body, hot as the heart, generous as it may be only native land. And even those who came here for the first time, he feels as if he returned home.

Magnificent architectural ensembles of Uzbekistan failed to play anywhere in the world, although it is based on Samarkand Gur Emir Mausoleum was built by the famous Indian Taj Mahal. And still not solved the secret of the amazing tiles, the color of which competes with azure sky.

In this land were born the great scientists - Ibn Sina, Biruni and Ulugbek, Navoi, a poet, a philosopher Nasreddin Hodja. And today, as well as a thousand years ago, the people of Uzbekistan lovingly refer to everything they do - whether to bake bread or remove news stories, whether grown tomatoes or studying ancient manuscripts, weave carpets or refurbish the building. Blooming edge of the desert, modern Uzbekistan proudly remembers the past and looking with confidence to the future.

Written by: Marina Bandilenko
Director: Margarita Kuklina

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