What an amazing holiday! Zeke and Kayla

We came knowing so little and leave knowing so much, and wanting more. Thanks to Alex for being with us all along and sharing so many things with us. We had a full tour of Khiva, Bukhara, Shahrisabz, and Samarkand – so much to see and learn. Truly, the center of the world and such a unique melting pot. We were so pleased to meet so many friendly and polite Uzbek neighbors – thank you for being so patient welcoming and helping us see your beautiful nation (although – a little chilly this far out of season!). We ate plenty of home-cooked food and the chai was plentiful. We will never forget stepping onto the Registan Square and craning our necks to look at the Kalon Minaret.

Hopefully we see them again in not too long.

Yours Truly,

Zeke and Kayla

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Fantastic world of Uzbek culture and architecture Laura and Constantin Ailioaie

We, Prof. DR. Constantin and Laura Marinela Ailioaie would like to express our special gratitude and thanks to “Turan Travel Service” for the exceptional tourist service, tendered completely and in time for 9 days long in a very good excursion program in Uzbekistan.

We came here in order to travel, learn and live in architectural famous space created by their ancestors and we found hear very nice and professional people in the person of the Director, Mr. Anatoliy Mikhailov and Mr. Eugene, who struggled to offer us a perfect and precious introspection into this fantastic world, the soul if their Uzbekistan`s culture.

The moments spent together with them and their guides, especially Mr. Alex (Sasha) where the most important and will remain forever in our memory and hearts!

With their precious help, we discovered the untold beauties of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand cities and we tried to imagine how people lived in ancient times, their beliefs, culture, religion, values and “hidden world”!

We liked very much to be guided and to travel, to discover, to feel the beauty of the historical monuments of Uzbekistan, protected by UNESCO!

We felt safe, protected, very well guided in a perfect English language and Uzbek style, with very punctual drivers and guides!

We lived in Bukhara at hotel Khurjin in an ancient timeless style, very pleasant!

We enjoyed all the accommodations and food and all the beauty of nature, wholehearted people, and the very beautiful images of this huge space of ancient important centers of Muslim culture.

A part of our hearts awakened by this world of ancestors, by Amir Temur’s famous architectural construction works, the huge portals, the high blue domes!

We saw all these holy places, with thousands of believers, who are coming for prayer.

Thank you very much, Turan Travel Service Ltd.!

Thank you very much, Anatoliy and Eugene, for your continuous efforts to share this wonderful architectural space created by your ancestors to us and to the next generation worldwide!

We will be recommended you to all our friends and we will come back next year!

Best wishes,

Laura and Constantin Ailioaie

Iasi, Romania

Trip to Uzbekistan Irly Kurant

We are four Israeli people, from 27 to 70, all of us enjoyed this trip to Uzbekistan, first of all, because it is a magnificent country and second because we had a very good guide. Aleksandr speaks good English and his knowledge about the history, traditions, and customs of the country is remarkable. He is a tour guide that is proud of his country and people.

The driver was also always very polite and helpful. First, we went to Khiva, where we stayed in an old hotel – a madrassa, which was very interesting and beautiful. All hotels had a very good location. Next, we went to Bukhara, but there the hotel had maintenance problems like bad plumbing.

The Hotel Argamak in Samarkand was wonderful, with a lovely worm family who took very good care of us. We had two very long days of driving if there is a possibility to shorten it by using another way of transportation we would recommend it.

The trip was very well organized and we will remember it and recommend it to our family members and friends especially because of our guide Alexander.

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