Duration: 1 day

(possible with an overnight stay)

The route starts from the lower station cableway of Chimghan on the right counterforce of the western ridge on safe not steep trail (10-20 degrees). In May, peonies are blooming here . Time of lifting to top of the crest 1-2 hours. Rest for 10-15 minutes at a height of 2300 m. Offer views of the Lake Charvak and Tashkent Television Tower is visible in good weather.

Further along the western ridge to the sheepyards of shepherds and then along the trail down under Beldersoy wall of Big Chimgan . There is a small amount of water in the upper part of Beldersoy, so you can easily go to the left slope of the sai. Climbing to the top of the Beldersoy (2600m) along the serpentine trails. Further, going down to the pass Kumbel (2550 m) where on the left side you will see the origins of the river Nurekata (in the middle of summer there is often no water, it flows deep under rocks and leaves much lower).

 From the pass to the west along the ridge in about half an hour, we reach the rocks with petroglyphs, located just beside the trail. Rocks covered with a dark "desert sunburn" where the ancient artists with stone tools embossed many pictures of goats. There are drawings of birds and strange characters. Then the path continues along the trail that runs along the axis of the crest up to the pass - Urt Kumbel (1880 m).

Further, it is possible to go along cattle-path distillation to the ski slopes. Along the way there are small rivulets. The path continues on a smooth road to the bottom of the cableway "Beldersoy", where a car is waiting for us.